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Photos from our February 12th Installation Service

Sunday, February 12, 2017, Beloved Community Church UCC celebrated the installation of Rev. Jennifer Sanders, the second minister to serve as head pastor of our congregation since our founding in 2000.

rev. jennifer

The service of installation celebrated the covenant between Rev. Jennifer, Beloved Community Church, the United Church of Christ and the wider community.

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Beloved Community annual meeting Sunday, February 19th

Join us this Sunday after the 5 pm service to vote on our budget and plan for the year ahead. All are welcome and invited to attend to the business of the church.

If you are not yet a member of Beloved, please make your membership (covenant) official to be eligible to vote! Read our church covenant, which is the basis of membership in our community, and talk to Rev. Jennifer to learn more about this commitment!

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Gathered Around: Christmas Eve Sermon 2016

A sermon from Christmas Eve on Luke 2:1-14

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s also the first night of Chanukah for our Jewish friends. What a lovely thing that in this turbulent time in our world that these two observances coincide so closely.

Chanukah is the Festival of Lights. A hundred and sixty five years before the birth of Jesus, the Maccabean Jews recaptured Jerusalem from the Seleucid Empire (its latest conquerors) and rededicated the Temple. They found only enough sacred oil to light the lamps in the Temple for one night. But somehow the lights burned for 8 nights, long enough for them to get more of the oil. It was a miracle, one that is remembered in the modern observance of Chanukah.

And for Christians, from the first chapter of the Gospel of John – the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.

Now I think darkness often gets a bad wrap because we don’t understand it very well, but that’s a discussion for another time.

The essence of these 2 times have something in common, something that at the real heart of the matter is the notion of a miracle.

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Christmas Eve Service, Christmas Potluck + Worship

All are welcome to come as you are.

Saturday, December 24th, 5 pmChristmas Eve Candlight Service with carols from Beloved Community Orchestra.


Sunday, December 25th, 3 pm: Creative potluck – bring food, a musical instrument, poetry to share  – these are the gifts we bring!


Feel free to come to the potluck only – whether we have seen you before or not, come alone or bring the whole family! – but also, feel welcome to stay for our worship service at 5 pm.


See you for Christmas at Beloved!

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Advent and Christmas Worship Series- Sunday nights at 5

Join us each Sunday in December for Advent messages about love, joy, and peace followed by Advent concerts with Beloved Community Orchestra and special guests!

Sunday, December 18th, 5 pm: A message on the meaning of love in  a turbulent world, with music from Christ Will Enter In & Roscoe Robinson!


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South African Preacher Rev. Alan Storey at Beloved Sunday, December 4th

Alan is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church of South Africa and is presently ministering at the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town.

Alan believes the following: To take the whole Bible literally is an absurdity; Jesus would much rather be taken seriously than worshiped; the division of the world into “saved” and “un-saved” is hate speech; the holy land is not a place to visit but every place to value; there are around 7.2 billion chosen people in the world; the day will come when all guns will be turned into ploughshares (he chairs Gun Free South Africa); the Church must ask the Queer community for forgiveness for its bigotry and exclusion as a matter of urgency; inequality is a weapon of mass destruction.

Alan’s faithfulness to the peacemaking Christ was tested early in his life when he faced conscription into the apartheid regime military. After spending a year of discernment abroad, he returned to South Africa, declaring he would never fight in the apartheid army – or any army. He was arrested and faced trial with a six-year prison sentence as the likely outcome. Alan’s trial was surprisingly abandoned midway, and he became the last conscientious objector to be tried in apartheid South Africa.

Alan will be leading an Advent retreat this weekend with Mary’s House before joining us to preach on Sunday night.

Be sure to join us Sunday night at 5 pm to hear a brilliant theologian & preacher! (Note: Rev. Jennifer will be present as well!)

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Child of the Resurrection – a sermon on Luke 20:27-38

The sermon from Sunday, November 6, 2016 on Luke 20: 27-38

I do not know what happens when we die.

I mean, I know what will happen to my body – that’s both the blessing and the curse of having a background in a medical field.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust indeed.

But none of us can really KNOW what happens after we die until we get there. That’s part of the mystery of faith. Some people find that worrisome. I think it’s beautiful. The mystery of it is beautiful. Some things – even some things that matter very much – are just not based on scientific knowledge. I’m okay with that.

Doesn’t stop people from making claims or wondering, does it?  Continue reading Child of the Resurrection – a sermon on Luke 20:27-38

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Volunteer with Family Promise Nov. 27th-29th

In partnership with Family Promise and Baptist Church of the Covenant, rotating weeks with other churches across the city, we help to provide overnight shelter and meals for homeless families.

Volunteers are always needed to cook, serve and stay overnight once per quarter. You may be able to help by providing one dinner, lunch supplies, or by staying overnight with another volunteer from Church of the Covenant.

Our next dates to help will be Sunday, November 27th – Wednesday, November 30th.

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The Time of Harvest – A sermon on Psalm 65

The sermon from Sunday, October 23, 2016 –

The words I offer you tonight in this sermon are an interpretation of the meaning we might find in this scripture. Every time you hear someone preach or someone teach or someone speak about scripture, they are all giving you an interpretation – their own human interpretation of these words that we find in the Bible.

The notion that any one human being – or any group of human beings – can describe to you THE definitive, absolute, and unchanging meaning of any Scripture is simply not possible – though many will claim it. All of us come to this place through our own human experiences and the lens of understanding that reflect the context of our lives.

That does not make our task here tonight less valuable. In fact, quite the opposite. It makes our work here together – and the ongoing conversation – all the more important. We are working with this extraordinary gift into the world, the Bible, as a unique tool, as a word from God, to help us make sense of our lives in this moment.

So I would argue that this Psalm [Psalm 65], this joyous song of thanksgiving and promise comes to us at a perfect time. We finally feel the changing of the seasons. We’ve closed out the summer and settled into the daily rhythms of the school year, the football season, and the holidays both behind and ahead.

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Fifth Sunday potluck October 30th after 6 pm service

Join us after the 6 pm service Sunday night for our 5th Sunday Potluck!
Family and friends welcome – bring what you can and share if you are able.
See you Sunday at Beloved!

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