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“You could come to Beloved Community with a bird on your head, and people would welcome you and your bird. The next time you came back, they would not only remember your name and your bird’s name, but they also have some food for your bird. That’s the kind of church Beloved is.”  -Nancy


“I love Beloved Community Church because of the welcoming open arms extended to newcomers. It is not just a place to worship. Beloved is truly a Community in every sense  of the word.  This is a loving family that deeply cares about all members, no matter what their social or economic stature. It is a place where one feels the love of God oozing from their members. I also like, no, LOVE the fact that this community does not discriminate because of religious beliefs, sexual orientation or race.  Beloved Community cares about the community and they prove it by their various social justice activities.

The band is not the typical church band.  They are a soulful R&B band who provide lively music that I can not just still and listen to. This is truly a place where God is evident every time I step through the doors.” -Elaine


“I love Beloved Community Church, because it is filled with caring people who want to build a world based on the teachings of Jesus. A world based on peace, love and understanding. Since I was a child, I have never been able to tolerate organized religion. I attended a church service last Sunday in Anniston. It was a well oiled machine. There was not one second of hesitation. It was so well rehearsed, it was like showbiz. The preacher preached with all the drama and flare of a televangelist what I considered to be a very divisive sermon. Then he asked for people to come down and accept Christ. I haven’t felt so far away from god since the last time I was in a large traditional church. The one thing I have noticed recently is that at most churches you will not hear much about what Jesus had to say about anything…

beloved children

“In a nutshell, Beloved does not have the feeling that it is being controlled by a big organization. It feels very warm and safe. A place that is there to build and serve the community. A place where you can be who you are, as long as you allow others to be who they are. And, I love diversity. It is the spice of life. At Beloved we are not just wading around in the shallow water. We are swimming in the deep water. ”    -Gary

Karen & Palmer's Wedding.Davey&LeNard

“‘Let me count the ways.’ What a wonderful feeling of family and caring. Such a great group of friends who Love Jesus and each other.  Thanks to you and all the others that make me feel welcome.” -Ed

“Beloved is one of those rare places that you can walk into and feel loved, accepted and completely relaxed — while at the same time knowing that you will be challenged to figure out ways to live out your faith.”  -Jennifer

“Beloved teaches that the Kingdom of God is here and now. That means ending oppression, recognizing the humanity of all people, and extending liberation and love to everyone. Beloved shows me how it should work.” -Robyn

marriage equality celebration

“I spent my whole life not being sure there was a God. I did! I thought I was on my own in this world. Now I know God is here, I know God is in my life, and when I start to question that, I think about being at Beloved Community and I remember that I am not alone. For the first time in a long time, my soul is happy and satisfied, and I feel real close to my God. You can be yourself here. You can be honest. You don’t have to be perfect. That’s what I love. I love my church. This church is a place of refuge.”  -Michelle


“I’ve never been in a place like this church where people – black and white, people who have never seen each other before – have come together to sing and play with so much unity. There is so much unity here that God has to be in this place. Only God can make voices that have never sung with each other before sound so beautiful.” -LeNard

“Our church has become a center of activity and healing.  Papers taped to the walls elucidating strategies, unexpected snacks in the fridge, crowds gathered for an LGBT-related film or a poetry night- we’re alive!  

I remember the last Brown Bag Day, sitting at a table with Nancy and Brian, Betsy Dobbins and a group of young, bilingual girls.  Nancy was sketching the girls, much to their delight and Brian was using a few crayons to transform an ordinary piece or brown paper into a wonderful mountain scene. The rest of us were coloring and talking, with the rhythm of Desi’s hammer in the background. Nancy Sales was cleaning, and Carmen was busy, as always.  As I sat, crayon in hand, working on my hat (or was it a boat-I’m not quite sure), talking with Betsy and the girls (“How do you say pond in Spanish?”), I was reminded, once again how wonderful it is to be a Beloved! ”  -Denyse

Beloved Community Church

Beloved Community Church
131 41st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35222
(205) 595-6080


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