Justice for All People

We are the hands and feet of God is this world. For that reason we work to bring about God’s justice and enact God’s love for all people and for the body of the Earth. In addition to preaching and attempting to embody that justice in our daily life as a community, we support justice work in three primary ways: hospitality, participation, and leadership.

Beloved offers hospitality by providing space at no- or low-cost for local justice movements and organizations to hold planning, work, and public meetings.

We encourage and try to facilitate participation in the local movement for human freedom, especially as it is led by the people most affected by society’s injustices. We seek to support grassroots leadership and to be present in ways that are useful. Members of Beloved Community, including Rev.  Jennifer, regularly show up in solidarity with local justice organizations at events throughout Birmingham and the state.

By standing consistently for a theology that centers the well-being of all people and the planet, Beloved offers facilitation and leadership in local faith-based justice work. We plan, host and facilitate Voices for Racial Justice community conversations about methods for dismantling white supremacy. We continue to develop faith-based training and networking on Sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. We continue to work on strategic development of a religious dialogue on gentrification. We coordinate local ecumenical participation in Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights Campaign.  Rev. Jennifer preaches weekly in a framework rooted in liberation theology and offers leadership as asked in local justice circles.

Beloved Community Church

Beloved Community Church
131 41st Street South,
Birmingham, AL 35222
(205) 595-6080


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