What To Expect: Visitor Information

Our worship service is held Sunday afternoons at 5 pm at 131 41st Street South in Birmingham’s Avondale community. 

Here is what to expect if you are visiting for worship:

The service is held on the second floor of our building. You enter the building through the side door which has immediate elevator access. We have fully accessible restrooms upstairs and downstairs. All restrooms are single-stall and unisex.

We share parking with our neighbor, The Abbey coffee shop. The parking lot is unpaved gravel. The spots nearest the door are reserved for people with disabilities or limited mobility.

In case the parking lot is full, you are welcome to park on the street free of charge. Please, do not block any residential driveways.


Beliefs: You do not have to profess any specific beliefs or belong to any group to participate in our service or attend our church. We practice radical welcome and believe that all people are precious, worthy and loved by God and therefore should be shown love by all of us. If you want to know more, read our church covenant and what we believe.

Children: All ages are welcome to stay for the service. During the service, kids will be invited to join us downstairs for Sunday school. The teachers are listed in the bulletin each week and will teach from a lectionary-based curriculum called Whole People of God.

Comfort: Seating is arranged in a semi-circular form. Feel free to sit in any open seat. We have old wooden pews and a few cushions for added comfort. We also have padded chairs and space for wheelchairs or scooters. If you need to get up, move around, go to the bathroom at any time during the service, you are welcome to make yourself comfortable.

Membership: Once you are here, we count you as one of our Beloveds. We do not distinguish between members and non-members until it comes time to vote on our budget during our annual meeting. If you wish to officially commit to our community, please speak with our pastor. We will invite you to come forward at the end of service and we will all read aloud from our church covenant together.

Music: Our Beloved Community Orchestra includes drums, guitars, a keyboard, and guest musicians. Congregational hymns are sung from the African American Heritage Hymnal. All Beloveds are invited and welcome to sing or share your musical gifts!

Nursing: If you need to nurse your baby, you are welcome to do so in the service. You may also find privacy in the small enclosed room in the back of the sanctuary, which has seating.

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Service details: We ring a bell at 5 to start the service, and the band plays a song. A church member will stand at the podium to welcome you to the service. We will sing together.

We will pass the mic to hear announcements and to pray together as a congregation; anyone is welcome to speak. You may end your request by saying “This is my prayer” and the congregation will respond by saying “This is our prayer.”

A volunteer will read our weekly message from the Bible.

Another volunteer will invite you to make an offering. Volunteers will pass a basket to accept offerings to the church and will say a prayer of gratitude. We will sing our offering song; the words are printed in the bulletin.

We will hear a reflection on scripture. Our band and music leader will perform some songs and then we will sing a final song together.

You are welcome to join us at any time and stay as long as you can. Wear whatever you like and sit wherever is comfortable for you.

Special rituals: On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Holy Communion. All are invited to share in the meal of God’s table.

On fifth Sundays, we have a potluck downstairs after the service. Everyone is welcome to stay and eat with us whether or not you brought food. You can also invite friends and family.

Sunday afternoon  schedule:
3:00 – Liberation Theology Study Group.
4:00 – Food and Fellowship
5:00 – Worship

Wednesday night Bible study: This is an informal gathering which begins at 6 and may run until 7:15 or so. We read books or studies determined by our small group.

Alcohol: We do not include alcohol in Holy Communion or regular church activities, but we will occasionally serve wine or beer during special events or fundraisers. We are aware of members of our community who are in recovery and want to support you in this recovery. If alcohol will be served we will be sure to note it when promoting the event.

Beloved Community Church

Beloved Community Church
131 41st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35222
(205) 595-6080


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